The job description of a Senior Move Specialist changes with every client.

Some clients have a strong support team that are close by and can handle a majority of the work required during a move, however, they utilize a Senior Move Specialist to coordinate various pieces of the process or be an unbiased third party while sorting Mom/Dad’s belongings.

While other clients rely on a Senior Move Specialist for full coordination and execution of a move from one location to another while providing a caring shoulder to burden the hardship of leaving a beloved home and being a confidant.

A Senior Move Specialist  can help with:


Depending on the size of your move and the services you have selected we will generally begin Preparation and Downsizing 1-2 weeks prior to the scheduled move allowing time to prepare a floor plan for the furniture to determine beforehand what items may need to be distributed among family members, placed in storage, or downsized.


Depending on the services you have selected, and the size of your move preparation and packing will generally begin 1-3 days prior to the scheduled move, leaving selected necessities for your use until the scheduled move date.

If you are transferring from one room into another room within a facility, we will lightly pack your items on the day of the scheduled move.

Moving Day!

On your scheduled moving day, we arrive early to finish packing the selected necessities, break down the beds, and prepare for the movers to start loading the truck. By early-afternoon the movers are well into unloading the truck at your new home and ready for us to start our next phase.


By mid afternoon we are well on our way preparing your new home, including the kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom and closets. We can plan for completion that day or just enough to get you through the evening, then get a fresh start the next day. Either way, our goal is to make your new home feel comfortable.

Follow-up after the Move:

Undecided where to hang the pictures on moving day? Or, decided you didn’t like the flow of the furniture and would like to move the couch? Not a problem. Take your time to think about it, when you are ready, we will schedule time to come back and make the necessary adjustments.

We understand there are times a medical or personal situation can be the driving force of the move and time lines can be tight. We will be there every step of the way, go the extra mile, and address all the details, ensuring the transition is smooth and the new surroundings are familiar.

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